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Zig Zag email layouts

Zig Zag email layouts

Marketing Inspiration Sharing marketing I love!ZigZag Layouts A zig zag layout is a great way to draw your recipients eye down the page.create angles though colour and/or imagery to guide your reader down the email. It can also help to simplify each section of the...

Wonderful Welcome Emails

Wonderful Welcome Emails

One of my big bugbears in email marketing is the number of organisations that still don’t send a Welcome email to new subscribers! It is basic courtesy to welcome someone who has said they want to hear from you, and here are some examples of companies that do it really well!



Segmentation is an essential part of good email marketing, and sometimes clients wonder how they find out more about their customers habits. One easy way is to ask – and the easier you make it the higher the repsonse rate.

Marketing Quotes

Marketing Quotes

A good marketing quote is inspirational and motivational so here are a few I love because they make me focus things in the right direction.

Why Automated Workflows are important post GDPR

So GDPR is finally here - the world hasn't ended but your lists may be somewhat depleted! This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Firstly, your recipients are those most likely to be engaged with your brand because despite a deluge of emails they still said 'yes, contact...

GDPR Repermissioning Templates

I have created 2 GDPR Repermissioning templates in Mailchimp (similar text, slightly different layouts). They come with a guide on how to edit them (change logo and ensure copy fits what you offer) and how to set up a group in Mailchimp which people can...

5 Email Design Tips

Sometimes putting an email together can be hard work, so here are 5 quick design tips to improve them (with 4 examples of different but effective emails in the gallery below). KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!) A single column email makes it much easier to plan, and also...


Deliverability is the level of success you have achieved in getting in to your recipients inbox. There are a number of reasons why this is becoming more challenging - not least the prolific amount of spam sent on a daily basis from people pretending to be our trusted...

Is the Email Newsletter Dead?

In this marketing world of big data and automation, many people question if newsletters still have a place in a marketing strategy.Without a doubt the best emails develop customer relationships by providing relevant content in a timely manner. Campaigns that are...

Mobile Friendly Emails

Why should you make your emails mobile friendly? The stats speak for themselves with over half of emails being read on a mobile device and this post has 5 useful tips mobile friendly email marketing.

Festive emails

Christmas isn't that far away for marketers so I thought I would share a couple of ideas to add some fizz to your festive emails (or indeed any!) Compelling offers Give them an offer (or 3) that they cannot refuse. Money off isn't always the way to go and at...

8 easy options for segmenting your data

Are you like the many clients I deal with who are small to medium businesses who have woken up to the fact they need to move beyond blast newsletters in their email marketing, but are not sure quite where to go next? Does all the talk about automation, big data and...

The Content Cocktail

  About this time last year I did a post called Social Soup which someone reminded me of recently and asked if I had any more recipes. Behold the Content Cocktail! Content is core to email marketing as well as other channels because you need to have something to...

Why do I love email?

Email marketing brings together 2 things I love – creativity and technology. Most people are either creative or numbers driven, but I love both! (I really am my parents daughter in that respect - Mum is an artist and a writer and Dad's career was in banking).  It's...