My #blabonafabsab goes to Joolz Joseph who filled my brain with lots of brilliant marketing ideas. 

Gosh she’s good! It was just an initial 2 hour session and I think I must’ve looked a bit glazed over at the end, but my head was spinning with so much good stuff and I was eager to get going! 

I know we’ll be meeting up again for more help, guidance, feedback, advice & ideas…oh and to check I’m actually doing it & staying focused! Thanks Joolz!

Louise Murphy

Captain Tortue Clothing

I recently had the pleasure of some 1-2-1 training with Joolz and wow, what knowledge she has! Detailed, insightful and so incredibly knowledgeable in her field, what Joolz doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. Thoroughly recommend Joolz, thanks so much for your help, tips and advice.

Jude Hughes

My Mustard

We were lucky enough to have Joolz run an email marketing strategy session for Scale Up – a marketing hub for tech startups – last week. In just an hour’s session, Joolz was able to share so much knowledge, with actionable insights delivered through plenty of examples to explain the strategy to non-marketers. The feedback has been fantastic from all the startup founders.

Thanks so much Joolz!

Lucy Woolfenden

The Part-Time CMO

Joolz is jammed packed full of ideas, enthusiastic, helpful and dedicated to her clients. She makes things fun, comes up with creative solutions and gets things done. She totally gets where we are coming from and where we want to go and she is amazing in terms of “reading our minds”, working with new plans being implemented when she leasts expects it and being adaptable to take it all on board. Her email marketing knowledge and reporting is invaluable too.

Thanks, Joolz, a fantastic addition to our team.

Sue Wybrow

Popdance World/The Businesses Community

Julie has been helping me (and the whole team at Transcend) since 2015. She has taken us on a journey of marketing strategy, brand identity, website development, collateral-writing, email marketing and social media activity. She has managed to skillfully tread a fine line between assisting/guiding, coaching/mentoring, authoring content, thinking creatively and building our confidence across all the above areas. I continue to value her input and am very grateful for the help she has given us and the outcomes we have achieved together

Paul Glover


Julie handled absolutely everything I asked her to, and more. Julie adds value at every stage of a project. She is demanding, in that she knows how to get the best results out of me, but also very supportive and professional. The success of our website is an indication of the skills Julie has, and her flexibility is priceless.

Jane Cassell

JC Independent Wills & Probate Ltd

I attended one of Joolz’ courses on email marketing – brilliant, easy to understand and comprehensive. With great after sales support. It has turned my small business around 🙂

Chantal Fisher

Chantal's Gifts

Enormously passionate and energetic are words which immediately come to mind when thinking about Joolz.

I had the pleasure of working with her on Strazzanti’s newsletter digital strategy and implementation during the pandemic in 2020. She was central to helping us create, adjust, react and proactively structure our communications for a sudden adjustment and survival of our business product offer during a very challenging time for both us and customer, with brand and enhancing customer loyalty central to her thinking.

Joolz stands out for her creative, embracing approach to brand communications, working with huge enthusiasm and, as importantly, commerciality. I always left our meetings with a smile. Jools has my highest recommendation.

Sofia Strazzanti-Lynes


I have worked with Joolz for various marketing aspects in my business for a few years now. It’s like she is one the team. Very approachable, easy to work, great to bounce around ideas with, spark new ideas, forthcoming with suggestions and a get it done kind of person! I’ve also confidently recommended Joolz to my clients who also have been super happy with the knowledge and execution.

Whether it’s for email marketing, inspiration injection sessions, marketing campaigns, I highly recommend Joolz and her lovely friendly caring nature. Thank you for being you!

Aarti Parmar

AP Brand Communications Ltd

I did Joolz’s online Email Marketing Essentials course which I followed up with a tailored workshop to help me finetune some of my thinking. The online course was AWESOME and great value for money (so much value-add!!!)- informative, easy to follow and great to get me started.

Her follow-up 1-2-1 workshop took it to a whole other level with more specific ideas and brutally honest but constructive feedback on what I had done so far. I left feeling empowered, enthused and ready to get going.

Now to diary myself the time to put it all into action….I’m all over it! You might think you are good, but Joolz is off the chart!

Karyn Pritchard

Turnaround Expert - BTG Advisory

Joolz has run a couple of thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining seminars for us at The Business Network South Herts. Each one has been extremely well-received with glowing feedback. Her insightful approach gives delegates a clear understanding of the topic together with some key actionable points. Her enthusiastic manner ensures that delegates leave highly motivated and with a renewed sense of inspiration.

Looking forward to another session from Joolz in the future.

Sharon Sacofsky

The Business Network South Herts

Julie has opened my eyes to marketing and how to promote my business. She has taken on board the industry we are in, our prospective clients and helped me to help myself to take forward our marketing efforts. I feel my whole approach has changed, we don’t spend anymore money we just spend it more wisely. Julie has nurtured my ideas and guided me comfortably in terms of time, money and perceived success rate. I am happier now to have the challenge of marketing and drive this forward than I have ever been. Thank you

Helen Reed

Profit and Process Consultancy Limited