Marketing Motivation

Are you a business owners managing your own marketing, but lacking knowledge and ideas

Or a marketing manager looking for a sounding board to help spark some ideas?

Motivational marketing workshops are a mix of training, coaching, brainstorming and mentoring.  They are tailored to your business, dedicated time generating and brainstorming marketing ideas or clairfying your strategy and thoughts.  This makes them more empowering and they may incorpoarte a teaching element if appropriate.

You could also team up with someone targeting a similar audience or in a different area.


Marketing Workshop

Motivational Marketing Mentoring

(try to say that fast!)

If you work with a marketing agency, they have a team of people bouncing ideas off each other before they present them to you.

If you work alone or in a small team and budgets don’t stretch to agency fees it can be hard to find the enthusiasm and ideas.

Marketing mentoring is tailored for you to help with training, idea generation and motivation. It can be top level or hone in on a particular sticking point in marketing your business. You may choose a one off workshop or somehting more ongoing.

If you opt for a marketing workshop, once the workshop is over, you are able to  get on with implementation in-house. I can help with some tasks, provide ongoing mentoring or recommend associates if you want me to.

You may choose to have ongoing mentoring either for a particular project or as a source of regular ideas and accountability. Whatever you choose, I promise to provide energy, enthusiasm and empower you

A variety of options to suit your needs and budget are available.









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