Next email example

I love this email example from Next Directory which is helping recipients make sure they get Next mails into their Primary Gmail inboxes.

Key features that make it a good email include:

– subject line is to the point “Information regarding your Gmail preferences..”

– a straightforward message without a lot of sales talk about latest products to confuse me

– clear explanation with graphical illustration of what to do to get emails in your primary gmail inbox

– sent to my gmail account only (I also get Next emails at hotmail)

– clear branding with the usual contact routes at the bottom of the email

– reiteration of key service element re delivery times with link in case I want to click through


All good practices for an informative email which will help recipients get the message you really want them to receive.  It can be useful to help

If you are not sure what the changes Next are referring to are, here’s a quick summary. A few months ago, Gmail introduced a change to the way recipients can view their inbox by displaying emails across five tabs – primary, social, promotions, forums, and updates. Commercial or marketing emails are automatically placed under the promotions tab, and social media emails (e.g. Facebook or Twitter) are placed under the social tab. This change is also in effect on most mobile clients now too. This post from mailchimp explains how users can get your emails in their Primary inbox and may be useful to tell your customers about the changes if they are not already aware.