Emails opened on a mobile

Yes, on average, 68% of emails were opened on a mobile device during 2015 according to a Movable Ink analysis of 6 billion emails sent that year.

55% emails sent this year have been opened on a mobile device, according to email testing company Litmus.

The most important ingredient to entice a Millennial to engage with an email is mobile optimization according to a recent BrightWave report.

Yet, so many clients and associates I speak with don’t test their emails on a mobile.

Unless you know of a good reason why in your market, it is so important to make emails mobile friendly.

Start by using a responsive design (most ESP’s have responsive template options – if they don’t get in touch and I can put one together or recommend a new Email Service Provider!)

Here are 5 tips to make your email mobile friendly:

Keep the salient points of your subject like to 25-30 characters

Use the pre-header text (first line of your email) to entice recipients

Keep text short and sweet (concise, scannable copy)

Ensure the email reads well if images are turned off

Place your call-to-action near the top as well as further down the email

And always TEST on your phone, your colleagues phone as well as a tablet.  iPhones are very popular so try to use one as as a test device.
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