Apparently, right brain dominant people are more likely to be cat lovers as well as absent minded and good a sports.   Left brain dominant people are likely to be dog lovers, organised and music critics!

When it comes to print marketing, ads created by (and which often appeal more to) left brain thinkers tend to be quite factual.  They may use a simple bold font, a pale or solid colour background. They tend me clutter free, to the point and often include an ability to track responses and provide a link for more product information. By contrast a right brain ad tends to be brighter,  colourful and will often tell a story – drawing the audience using emotion rather than facts.

I was thinking about the importance of appealing to both kinds of thinkers.  When it came to brands that get a good mix of the two across their advertising campaigns, Virgin Atlantic came to mind. They will either be selling you on their comfort factor with images of sleeping bodies (for the right brainers) or the facts about their superior quality of their flights over the competition (for the left brainers). They often add a sauciness into ads whatever the style!


I also love this mercedes benz ad which just talks about the 2 sides of the brain, amazing creative and concept. Was the marketer right or left brained?  I should also mention that there was a similar ad previously by Cornett

Can you think of any other brands who have a great mix of right and left brain advertising?