A while ago I did a couple of posts on left brain vs right brain and I thought I would follow up with a post about finding out who you are and how it affects your thought processes.

I recently did an interesting brain test (link removed as no longer active) based on the various characteristics associated specifically with each hemisphere of the brain. This test produces results unique to each individual’s own left and right hemispheres.  The test examines a number of categories associated with the left hemisphere and right hemisphere to tell you what percentage is on each hemisphere.  I was quite interested to find my spread was 53/47 between both sides which may explain why I often struggle to place myself under left or right brained!  

What does it mean for your job?

It is important to use your natural abilities and work around areas you are less proficient in……

If are right brained you will naturally creative but may need help with organisational skills. You learn with visual aids so infographics will work well for you and you probably find charts easier than numbers when it comes to understanding data. Your marketing is no doubt v

ery creative and instinct led and this usually leads to highly visual campaigns. But remember to study the data and if you are slightly disorganised, make the most of tools at your disposal such as the facebook post scheduler.

If you have a dominant left side you are probably very organised and tend to use schedules and deadlines already. You learn better using words and numbers and process ideas in a logical manner. Your marketing focus is probably more on analysing the results so work with good designers to ensure the visual aspects are mind blowing too.  Make yourself thing about the bigger picture as well as the detail to get a balanced view.

This marketo infographic outlines how your brain dominance affects the way you handle different marketing situations!

Marketer Brain infographic

The truth is the best marketing comes from team work between the left and right brained people.   Creative people (right brain) tend to come up with more compelling content with catchy lines and memorable quotes that are effective and en

gaging. But it is the organisers (left brained) who help with the scheduling and analysis.

Understanding a little more about how we work is always useful and the test is insightful. It’s good to spend 10 minutes taking a look at your own habits and seeing if you can strengthen your skills by taking a slightly different approach.


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