inbox invitation

If you get a formal invitation to a special event do you get excited?  No doubt you check your diary, think about what you will wear and who will be there and maybe what you’ll say to them.

When an email recipient invites you into their inbox you should be as excited and remember this is a very special invitation.  A similar thought process may follow too. Think about how you can look your best – is your email design up to scratch (with and without images turned on)?   First impressions count and you should look good right from the start so don’t send some plain text email from ‘admin@’.  When you RSVP with that Welcome Email, make sure you look good and ensure they know who’s going to attending this special event.


Also think about who has sent the invitation – what do you know about them?  Can this help you find a conversation topic of mutual interest?  Whether you get this information from the opt in form, cross referencing with different databases or simply ask in a welcome email it will enable you to ensure your relationship gets off to a good start.

Small things matter so please think about how you treat recipients who are kind enough to invite you into their inbox. Such invitations are not given lightly these days – especially with so many less formal ways to see what you are up to.  A casual chat on social media is great but an inbox invitation should be treasured and treated accordingly.

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