Email marketing brings together 2 things I love – creativity and technology.

Most people are either creative or numbers driven, but I love both! (I really am my parents daughter in that respect – Mum is an artist and a writer and Dad’s career was in banking).  It’s that right brain vs left brain thing again…

A good email programme requires constantly looking at the numbers – refining, testing, refining, testing – but is also about the aesthetics of the offer, how the email looks in the inbox and of course how people respond to the way it is all put together (throw a little psychology in there too for good measure).

This combination is one I love and the way you use both aspects on an ongoing basis to generate and measure a real connection with customers – all of which is enabled by technology (did I mention I have a computer science degree so a bit of a geek too!) is great.

The point of this post? Email is fantastic – it’s interesting and it works for almost any business when done right. I love it!