How many leads are slipping through your fingers?

According to MarketingSherpa, almost 80% of new leads never become sales.

Companies that excel at lead nurturing (through email) generate 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower cost (Marketo).

You need to be looking at such an email campaign to drive regular, qualified leads in to your business.

Effective lead nurturing is about incubating prospects until they are ready to buy. The focus is on timely communications, delivered by listening to their needs and responding appropriately. We are in a buyer-driven market where there is a myriad of information available about and to us, for whatever we are purchasing as a business buyer or a consumer.

Nurturing communications must stay relevant to prospects and keep them engaged with your company until they are ready to make a decision. A drip-feed campaign is even more effective if appropriately timed, relevant messages are sent even after leads have been passed to sales or an initial purchase has been made.

Nurturing campaigns are typically triggered on consumer actions – maybe the download of a thought leadership piece or a specific search on your website.  They go beyond the sale with welcome messages that add value and help customers get the most from your products and services.

Efficiency is a key driver in today’s environment and automation of these communications will help you to maximise efficiencies and minimise costs whilst responding effectively to prospect behaviour.

The result of a well thought out lead nurturing campaign is a steady flow of qualified leads as well as  the opportunity for continual improvement of the programme with  measurable activities.

It’s not just about an increased number of customers, but bigger spend too. Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads according to The Annuitas Group.

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