My daughter’s love dressing up as me or their big sisters. In particular they love trying on our glasses, shoes and walking around pretending to be us.

In fact last year, my eldest went to school dressed as me on Children in Need day.

What I realise as they imitate me scarily well is that despite being so young they know me quite well. They sometimes role play and nail me to a tee. They know what motivates me and often how I’ll respond to certain situations.

This is also becoming evident now when they want something and know how to get me to give in (they’re finally learning whining won’t work!)

Why am I telling you this? Because if you know what makes your clients tick you can give them what they want…your marketing will become more effective!

So before your next marketing campaign, put yourself in your clients shoes.

Understand what keeps them awake at night and how you can solve their problems.

Make sure you have the answer to their problems.

Then target your messaging accordingly.