I had the pleasure of a lovely lunch today at Lussmanns in Hertford. I was at a networking lunch for Isabel Hospice (great to be able to network and help a good cause at the same time).

We were fortunate enough to have Andrei Lussmann do a brief speaking slot, which included a selection of interesting insights and anecdotes. I wanted to share with you the 3 tips he shared as they are things every business should focus on.

Andrei tips

Why are these so important? Because between them they cover some of the most important aspects of business management and marketing.

The numbers are important, you need to know what does and doesn’t make you money.  From a marketing perspective, you need to track what works and what doesn’t. This can be as simple as an offer code which you vary slightly for different marketing channels. But you also need to know which products and services are most profitable so you know where to out your marketing effort.

Sweat the Details. Details matter –  From a marketing perspective, work out how many calls / meetings / events do you need to attend to bring in the right number of clients.  Also make sure you proof read your marketing – or it can have embarrassing if amusing consequences!

Be your customer. This is SO important. Understand the customer experience and work out how you can improve it from the. Mystery Shopping is a big business because it offers an in depth and cost-effective evaluation of the customer experience which helps to identify strengths as well as weaknesses. It can also identify new opportunities. Client communication is very important and you can improve it significantly by putting yourself in their shoes!

Taking it with the last tip – look at the details of every stage of your customer journey. Common courtesy in the early stages, listening to what people want instead of just talking about what you offer, welcoming new clients on board, looking after customers with little touches that matter (how about a day dedicated to thanking your clients).

And I can thoroughly recommend the food at Lussmann – delicious!