Social Soup Recipe

I love making soup!

My favourites are Mexican Black Bean or Tomato & Lentil. Both a relatively simple to make but are perfectly satisfying.  A good soup usually contains a mix of ingredients blended together to create the perfect taste.

Social soup is a simple recipe for social networking. To make it work you should target the right audience – one that you know will like the taste!

For b2b companies I would look at LinkedIn or Google+ first whereas consumer-focused companies may find Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest more successful. Twitter can be used for either but be aware the lifecycle of a post is a lot shorter so you need to invest a little more time!


  • A pinch of promotion
  • A spoonful of images
  • A handful of blog posts
  • A scattering of other articles
  • A teaspoon of videos (to taste)

You can vary options based on your store cupboard ingredients.

Recipe (very simple!)

  1. Blend the ingredients together in a plan (rather than a pan…)
  2. Keep the heat constant (post consistently but it doesn’t have to be every day)
  3. Taste test regularly – adjust ingredient levels to taste!

Enjoy 🙂


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