If you’ve never heard of it, this theory is about the dominant side of the brain and how it controls our behaviour and way of thinking.

A person who is “left-brained” tends be more logical, often coming across as being very analytical and objective.  A person who is “right-brained” tends to be more creative, often coming across as being more intuitive and subjective.

Right v Left BrainIt also has an impact on our every day lives. A woman asks her son to get some skimmed milk on his way home from school. He gets semi-skimmed. This happens twice and then she changes tact and says ‘get the red milk’! This registers better and he gets the correct milk.  Whilst you could debate that it’s that teenage boys don’t listen properly being the source of the issue, it does demonstrate the 2 ways of thinking.

Why is it important for your marketing? Well, if you want to get your message across to everyone, you need to impart it in a way that appeals to both types of people. Does your marketing focus on one audience type right now?

Left brain people will be attracted by the product details whereas  right brain ones will enjoy a story behind it. The beauty of marketing today is that you can use different channels for different kinds of messaging, combine the 2 in a single item (e.g. infographic and facts) or alternate from one post to another .  Look at more niche sites or ones which offer something that can help you appeal to a specific audience type (interest is an obvious one for the creative audience).

Put your thinking cap on, tilt it left or right and come up with something new.


P.S. To see which one you are (in theory) watch the dancer in this Telegraph article.