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Photo credit: @BBCBreakfast

This morning Paula Radcliffe was on BBC Breakfast looking gorgeous in bright yellow running top and shorts.

She was going for a run in the hour or so she had to spare after the show.

It really made me think about how we prioritise. Whether it is your personal or professional life, how often do you say “I’ve not really got time for that?”

If something is important we make time, so if your marketing is important, find 10 minutes, half an hour or an hour to do something every few days.

How can you do this? Find the method that works for you. Many people can give you ideas.  Is it a weekly schedule? A day of ‘Must Do’ tasks you set aside each week? A paper ToDo list you work through when you have time?  Using Onenote or something else on your many devices to keep track of tasks? A regular meeting with someone who will make you accountable and focus your mind?

Times of change are often a good time for reflecting on how you achieve your goals.

My youngest starts school next week and my goal when she starts is to reset my routine to fit everything in that I want to do – personally and professionally.  That’s what works best for me, a routine that also has some flexibility but gives me set tasks each week and on certain days but in manageable chunks so I can shift them around client work.

Understand your priorities, then work out how you can make sure you get them done.   I’d love to hear any tips!