First GlanceYou know that feeling, when you first glance that hottie across a room and see them a few days later? The butterflies, thinking I want to know more about them?

The first stage of your customers journey is similar (except maybe without the butterflies). True awareness happens through multiple touch points where they hear your name a few times or see something that appeals to them.

Marketing to raise awareness of your brand needs to be considerate of this and messaging should be tailored accordingly.

INTRODUCE YOURSELF: It’s nice when people display common courtesy by saying hello and introducing themselves.   If you are venturing into a new marketing channel, introduce yourself but keep it brief. Say what you do not what you sell. “I am the Virtual Marketeer and I help business owners and managers plan and act on a REALISTIC Marketing Strategy” or “I help people keep their families secure in their homes.”

And smile if it’s in person or over the phone. How many times as the right smile made you hear beat a little faster!

CREATE A SPARK:  A spark is what takes that first glance hurtling toward the first date, something in common that interests you both. In marketing, it is something that will interest people likely to want your products or services. For B2B businesses this is often a freebie, a ‘hook’ that will capture peoples attention and make them want to know more. B2C businesses need to differentiate themselves or appeal visually.

What problems do your clients have that you can answer with a freebie? Chances are potential clients will notice you through several channels before they become interested. Think about where your ideal customers are, what they are interested in and when they will be thinking about your kind of product or service then get your name in front of them!

START SLOW:  Don’t rush in with loads of information about who you are, what you do and how great you are! Think how you’d feel if that hottie came across and was all over you talking about themselves…ask questions and get to know people and answer with the right words (and of course some people may not be right for you so don’t waste your breath).

If you are attending networking events then also think about your elevator pitch. This is where in 30 seconds you can tell someone what you do and what makes you special. The more times you use it, the better you will get but it is good to practise it.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Again, most people don’t warm to someone telling them their life story within a few minutes of meeting them. Your marketing messages needn’t be too detailed at this stage, the goal is to give generic information to peak peoples interest not to give them everything they need to make a buying decision! It may be a particular hook will get attention or it may be about getting your brand or product name (be consistent though) in front of as many people through as many channels as possible

Think about what will resonate with your audience. did a campaign about the fact that 18% or people lie on their car insurance application and how if you get found out your insurance is invalid! That’s 1 in 5 people who it would’ve struck a cord with and many more who maybe didn’t admit it in the survey!

5 – 20 TOUCH POINTS: Most people see someone multiple situations, warming up to them over time, before they really get to know them to go on a date. Building awareness and developing an affinity in potential customers is a cumulative process. A one-off campaign will only be effective for a short period, so it is important to be prepared to make multiple efforts and remember patience is a virtue (as my nan used to say!)


Raising awareness is best done through a number of channels and utilisation of multiple tactics is often the best approach since it has a compound effect.

Good luck, let me know how you get on!