Relationship Marketing - First DateThat hottie you’ve been stealing first glances at? Today I want to talk about generating interest – and getting that first date! (marketing wise, that is)

As people realise you may be have something they like, they become interested  in your brand. They are likely to want to know more and may visit your website, blog or other promotional page (e.g. facebook).

The objective for your marketing activity here should be to provide enough information to ignite a desire and answer questions they may have which will help them make a decision to purchase. (That cutie that caught your eye? This is where they agree to that first date).


When it comes to getting people interested, your website and visitors feedback on other sites is key to showcasing what you offer. If someone visits your site because they liked a blog piece then you want to ensure they get interested in your products too!

Start a conversation with those who want to talk and address how best to showcase your products and services giving top line information about how you can solve a particular issue or useful product information.

SEARCH ENGINES – many people go to a search engine before they visit your website. Make sure your site is registered with major search engine, look at key phrases for your business and undertake basic SEO as a minimum (or employ a specialist). Consider sponsored links for important phrases.

WEBSITE – your website is your virtual store and you should make sure it gives the right impression (think of it as trying to impress someone you like). It needs to look good, provide the right information and make it easy for people to get in touch.

EMAIL – a great way to keep the conversation going and keep interested parties up to date on your products and services.  Invite people to sign up for your email program. As with all communication, relevance is vital. Utilise data you have to promote the right kind of products or offers (often people buy a sale product before a full price one). Find email tips here!

SOCIAL MEDIA – if you have a Facebook page or Twitter feed there is a good chance that people who are interested in your products, service or insights will look here for more information so ensure your profile information is up to date as an absolute minimum (quick tips on social marketing).



Communication is about providing  enough product information to satisfy initial questions and prompt further enquiry / generate a purchase depending on the length of your sales cycle.

INFORMATION We all like to know a little bit about someone we are looking to date… if you are a retailer, do you provide basic product details such as the dimensions (vital statistics!)  of products on your site? The frustration of not being able to get basic product information like this will lose you business!  If you offer a business service, does your website provide enough detail as to whether you can help with a specific business challenge?

REVIEWS – It’s often to good to get a second opinion…product or Service Reviews help people make a decision about whether you are right for them. Whilst it is easy as a marketer to want everyone to purchase you also want to make sure people are buying something they want.  Returns can be expensive to process and unhappy customers tend to shout louder than happy ones. Qualification of potential clients and their requirements is an important part of the sales process and can be managed within the marketing channel effectively.

CONFIDENCE NOT ARROGANCE  We all know those people who are ‘full of it’ and few people are attracted to that… don’t oversell your products as the hardsell will turn more people off than convert and if you over promise and people are disappointed, it’ll have a greater impact long term.  But do promote your products and sell their benefits, but wisely and fairly.

PERSONALITY COUNTSThe person that makes you laugh or think is the one you remember… you want to keep people engaged with your brand and whether it is valuable insights, humorous anecdotes or useful industry news they can all help in keeping your brand in peoples minds so you are there when they want / need your services without heavily promoting your products themselves.



Developing interest is about keeping your brand front of mind and providing the right product information to promote a purchase. It is a delicate balance about giving people what they need when they want it and not overselling them and making them turn on their virtual heel and walk out again!