One of my favourite kitchen implements is my pineapple corer, I love it and use it every week.  Why? Because it makes it so easy to make pineapple rings and my life is easier.  It also works best with large pineapples rather than the smaller ones. The result of this (rather cheap) piece of equipment? I buy a lot more pineapples than I used to, in fact I buy at least one a week and often large ones.

What has this got to do with marketing?  Well, if you make someone’s life easier there is a good chance they will buy more. This doesn’t just apply to usage of the product but also the entire buying process.  Amazon came top of a customer satisfaction survey recently. One of the areas customers cited as particularly good was the repeat purchase experience. Amazon stores multiple cards and also offers a one click ordering service.  This ability to purchase so easily means people come back time and again – I often buy from Amazon or Marks and Spencer for that reason.

So how can you make your customers lives easier? Is there an accompanying product or service that makes using yours easier or more convenient? Can you improve the buying process at all?  Turning ad hoc clients into loyal clients will make your life a lot easier and be more cost effective.  Start with products or services that complement each other then consider a special offer.  If one is something people need to keep purchasing then even better.  Sometimes this can be as simple as a reminder with a link to a completed order form (are your cartridges due for renewal is a popular one). With Christmas on the way, how much can you help with present buying?  A photographer for example could do a deal to include the frames and maybe even delivery to multiple addresses  as well.

Have a think and let me know your thoughts.



P.S. This is the pineapple cutter and corer