10 Tips for a Great Email ProgrammeEmail marketing is a highly effective marketing element that is often skipped by businesses, especially small businesses.

There are a number of reason why it gets overlooked – often focused around how to do it, fear of spamming and lack of ideas.

But a good email marketing programme has a lot of benefits for your business and is something that you should really be incorporating in to your marketing alongside other strategies.

1. Relevance – Email marketing can easily be made relevant to your recipients

2. Relationships – the ability to communicate to recipients straight to their in box rather than through a 3rd party channel such as social media means you can build relationships that are stronger and more personalised.

3. Results – 55% of marketing professionals agree email marketing is the most effective marketing tactic. – Ascend2 “Marketing Strategy Report” (2013) so you should absolutely make it a part of your marketing mix!

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