Compelling Content for Emails

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This course focuses on the content ideas and types to capture and retain recipient engagement and is packed with examples. 

To stand out in today’s crowded inbox, you need to create a variety of content that is relevant and timely. This course looks at the type of content you can utilise in emails with a focus on best practise examples and inspiring ideas.

Whilst the course is email focused, many of the ideas and concepts can be adapted and used in other distribution channel.

It is packed with examples from every stage of the customer life cycle and organisations both large and small from a range of B2B and consumer sectors. Ideas that originate in one  sector can be adapted and transferred to another with some creativity.

This course will sow the seeds of inspiring email content with categorised examples we can discuss as their relevance to you.

This is a great email marketing course for agencies looking for ideas.

The psychology of buying

Looking at to get people to buy from you and keep buying from you.


Ways to showcase your expertise


Capturing the inbox with emails that entertain recipients


Timely emails that engage recipients when they are most interested


Letting recipients know more about your products and services without coming on too strong.


the right mix of offers and promotions to entice customers


Using events as part of the email marketing mix

Joolz Joseph


With over 20 years sales and marketing experience including 10 years specialising in email marketing, Joolz has experience working with corporates and niche businesses and currently works as an associate or various organisations and agencies.

She has trained for the Institute of Direct Marketing and currently trains for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and STANTA.


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