Wonderful Welcome Emails!

Sharing emails I love!

Innocent Smoothies

A great welcome email from Innocent smoothies, brilliantly delivered with a touch of humour.

They tell you what you can expect, keeping it light hearted, offer directions to their website and social media channels as well as using a lovely ‘welcome to our family’ opening line which gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.

Perfectly on brand, with the feelgood factor and humour all in place. that you’d expect from Innocent.

Jet Blue

Jet Blue do a clever welcome email with a touch of humour, much like a dating profile and encouraging recipients to update their profile.

They give their own info out, their favourite song is ‘leaving on a jet plane’, can you guess their favourite colour?

The email goes on to invite you to update your profile (nicely done!) and they promote their onboard services¬† as ‘Things we could do on a date’ with a link to their booking platform!

Clever copy, nicely delivered and really making you feel you’ve started a good relationship!


This email from Asana is beautifully simple in it’s design and really helps you get started with the app.

They get straight to the point by helping you do key tasks that you would want to do in the app. They also set expectations letting you know what will be in the next email and allow you to manage email preferences.

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