Wow Workshops

Half day workshops providing focused insights and inspiration for you!

Content is flexible depending on your business needs but will include a mix of insights and interactive discussion. Focus is on actionable ideas and valuable insights.

Popular workshops include:

Effective Email Marketing

This workshop looks at the entire email experience from sign up to unsubscribe assessing copy, engagement, creative, deliverability and relevance.

The workshop can be focused on training staff, mapping out a new email marketing programme or reviewing an existing one.

Relationship Marketing

Understanding how your customer relationships develop and how you can maximise marketing effectiveness at each stage.

This workshop looks at every stage of your customer journey from first glance to last kiss, assessing how you can improve and deepen their experience.

Idea Generator

Looking at current marketing messaging to understand what your core messaging is / should be and generate ideas to reach your audience. 

This may be specific campaigns or ideas focused on generating increased awareness and deepening relationships. These are a great boost to marketing managers.  

Manageable Marketing

Making time for marketing is a challenge for a lot of businesses and this workshop helps you prioritise your marketing task.

It will make marketing manageable for you from a personal and professional perspective, looking at your results, strengths and challenges and how to address them.

What do you need help with?

If there is a topic of interest, please talk to me. I develop tailored workshops frequently so we can put something together to meet your needs.