Inspiration Injection

“It’s a training, coaching and strategy session rolled in to one empowering, motivating workshop!”


Re-enthuse your marketing

Are you a small business owner or marketing manager responsible for marekting, but sometimes looking for someone to add ideas, perspective or just bounce things off?

An in-depth marketing brainstorm with an experienced, enthusiastic marketer, an Inspiration Injection is great if you are looking for someone to:

  • empower you with knowledge
  • inspire you with ideas and
  • motivate you with enthusiasm!


Because you are involved in the process, not only will you have a greater understanding of why you are doing what you’re doing, you will feel more driven to get out and do it.

  • You’ll discuss the Why, Who, What, and How of marketing as it relates to you and your business – whether new concepts or more a refresh, these can be great for focusing the mind.
  • You’ll be empowered with knowledge to market your business effectively.
  • We will put together manageable marketing priorities and tactics that suit and your business.
  • You’ll get a workbook to complete and keep


Fresh thinking

New perspective brings with it fresh thinking and new ideas which can reignite your marketing

New tactics

New tactics can be a great way to approach new audiences or re-engage current ones

Informed review

An inspiration injection may result in a  review of your current channels, audience or even products! 

Julie has been helping me (and the whole team at Transcend) since 2015. She has taken us on a journey of marketing strategy, brand identity, website development, collateral-writing, email marketing and social media activity. She has managed to skillfully tread a fine line between assisting/guiding, coaching/mentoring, authoring content, thinking creatively and building our confidence across all the above areas. I continue to value her input and am very grateful for the help she has given us and the outcomes we have achieved together.

Paul Glover


My #blabonafabsab goes to Joolz Joseph who filled my brain with lots of brilliant marketing ideas. 

Gosh she’s good! It was just an initial 2 hour session and I think I must’ve looked a bit glazed over at the end, but my head was spinning with so much good stuff and I was eager to get going! 

I know we’ll be meeting up again for more help, guidance, feedback, advice & ideas…oh and to check I’m actually doing it & staying focused!  Thanks Joolz!

Louise Murphy

Captain Tortue Clothing