Implementation Support

With over 25 years marketing experience and 15 years as an email specialist I have worked with both bigger brands and niche businesses helping them get the most out of this incredible relationship building channel.

Working with a team of trusted associates as needed, I can help you get set up and provide ongoing support if needed.

Getting Started Service

For many small businesses, the challenge with email marketing lies in getting started and knowing what to do.

My getting started service includes getting you up and running in your email service provider

  • 60-90 minute planning meeting
  • setting up your recipient list
  • advising on the best way to organise your lists and doing this for you
  • advising on settings to help maximise delvierblity and providing your relevant information
  • setting up your opt in form/s
  • setting up a welcome email.
  • template or series of templates for you to use 
  • email header or relevant imagery from my graphic design team
  • one hour training on how to use your email service provider 
  • documentation on all processes

If required, we can also advise on further automations to help you grow your list and nurture new recipients.

A free initial 30 minute consultation will enable me to identify priority areas and provide full pricing based on the size and nature of your business but costing is from £300


Email Marketing Support

I offer a mix of strategy, doing and training to suit your needs. Most clients want someone to implement an email marketing strategy with clear direction, relevant email streams and guidance on what to review. 

I have developed a support team, working under my guidance, to implement programs that are effective and efficient as well as document processes for you to follow. 

Here are key areas of email marketing I, and my team, can help you with:

Strategy and Planning

  • Content plan and idea generation
  • Programme scoping

List Management

  • Email list building
  • Email segmentation

Campaign Set up

  • Welcome campaigns for new subscribers
  • Onboarding campaigns for new customers
  • Nurture campaigns for prospective customers
  • Re-engagement campaigns
  • Other triggered campaigns

Design & Content

  • Template set up
  • Improved email design
  • Copy review

Program Optimisation

  • Setting up a testing program
  • Email management and Reporting
  • Analysis and insights into subscriber behaviour

Choosing your email service provider

The variety in my work has led me to use many different programs and software.

I have worked with a number of ESPs (Email Service Providers) and am a MailChimp Partner, a Mailerlite Expert and a DotDigital Partner.



Get in touch

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