60 Minute Mentor

An hour of power to help you tackle a marketing challenge head on


Targeted assistance

Do you struggle with a particular element of marketing? Have you hit a roadblock somewhere?

If so a 60 minute mentoring session may help you overcome that hurdle with external perspective, ideas and knowledge.

The hour can be done over Zoom / Google Meet or in person.


The nature of the session depends on your needs.

You may want to discuss how to tackle a particular campaign, review previous activity or brainstorm an idea you have. 

You can also ask for insights on a particular topic to solidify your knowledge.

It could be you want to understand how best to tackle a specific element of your marketing such as automating  emails, building a funnel, or getting on to LinkedIn. 

There is no follow up unless you want it, and my prep time is minimal to keep the cost low at just £95.  

Fresh thinking

New perspective brings with it fresh thinking and new ideas which can reignite your marketing

Focused discussion

New tactics can be a great way to approach new audiences or re-engage current ones

Informed insights

Working with an experienced marketer will bring informed insights from other channels and companies

Joolz has helped us improve our email marketing strategy massively over the years. In addition, she has provided some much needed inspiration for improving our marketing. She is full of unique ideas and is extremely motivational. Can’t recommend her enough!

Paul Marshall

Protech Solutions

I had a 60 minute mentor session with Julie on Facebook usage, instagram and the benefits of email marketing.

The session was practical, empowering and hugely beneficial to progressing my company.

Alison Fordham

Seamstress and Creative Fabric Gifts