National Dessert Month
Need I say more!

1st  International Coffee Day
Great chance to shout out to your favourite coffee shops on social media and thank them for their service. Maybe hold meetings in one.  Have a coffee morning to raise money for a local charity. Simply share coffee pics or experiment with different flavours.

1st World World Vegetarian Day
Great chance to share veggie recipes or tag veggies you know in posts!

4th World Animal Day
Looking to raise the standards of animal welfare globally. From cute images to increased awareness of conditions for many, you can get serious or be suitably lightweight with your approach.

7th Diwali
Hindu festival of lights honouring Lakshmi (goddess of wealth). The lamps are lit to help her find her way into peoples homes. A traditional time for cleaning and exchanging gifts. Celebrate our multi-cultural society with lights and posts that spread a message of peace.

20th International Chefs Day
Celebrate your favourite restaurants or dishes with something personal. Run a cooking competition. Have an office Bake Off and invite people in to taste and judge.

25th World Pasta Day

28th International Animation Day
Play with a free gif maker to add some fun to your usual images and have something different to share on social media

28th Daylight Savings Ends 
A simple reminder can be effective for some or use it as an excuse to promote colder evenings and how you can help warm them up!

29th Internet Day

31st  Halloween
So many options here, a time for some fun in the office to share online or a themed giveaway opp posts. Halloween is more popular than ever, with adults as well as children dressing up and even sales of pet costumes seeing a dramatic upswing. You could create a haunted event, getting other local businesses involved as sponsors or partners.  It’s also a chance (along with Fireworks night) to promote child safety products and services

Marvellous Marketing…

It was a simple stunt: dress some actors as monsters, cut the lights, and scare the life out of customer during test drives. Devised by Detroit-based creative agency The Work, Ford’s three-minute video, “Spooky Car Wash Prank,” immediately went viral.

Since its release on YouTube, “Spooky Car Wash Prank” has been viewed more than 1.8 million times to be named one of the “World’s Most-Shared Halloween Ads.”